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August 22, 2013

My daughter attended this school in 7th grade. I felt the school was good for her academically.My daughter experienced some bullying and we were very satisfied with the way the school addressed the issue. My daughter decided to transfer to OCSA for 8th grade for her love of theater.

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January 3, 2010

i loved going to this school i learned so many things from the tachers and i hope that they keep doing a great job. student in 2009

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September 10, 2009

I am in ninth grade and just spent the last 2 years of my life at santaigo ms. While I was there i didnt really appreciate everything, but now I miss it greatly. I sometimes find myself near tears because I miss that school so much. Ther, of corse, is drama and aspects that i wish were not there those two years, but all of the good things that happened definatly outweighed the bad. I was talking with my fellow ninth grade friends and we all agree those were the two best years of our life and we cannot imagine anything better. All of the teachers were amazing and all of my friends wish greatly that the terachers from santiago could teach us in hs. We did not appreciate it while we wer at santiago, but we greatly miss it and would give anythign to go back. It was too short

August 7, 2009

I have had three children graduate from Santiago and I am enrolling two more this summer. All positive experiences. My son is health impared and at our initial meeting, the Principal came up with great ideas for accomidating him and educating the staff about his unusual condition. We always stay involved and help solve issues that arise. This is a difficuly age group.

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February 2, 2009

good nice clean school the teachers are helpful the vice principals are so helpful except for the 7th grade Spanish teacher she is a little so strict

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October 4, 2008

i am a seventh grader here at santiago middle school. the teachers are great and the uniform code is nice. the student behavior is horrble however. there is much swearing and lots of drama. but my overall rating ofthis school so far is a 9.5.

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September 24, 2008

Well, I'm a seventh grader. This is an overview of what I experienced. The teacher quality is greater then i expected, and the service is great. The only thing lacking is my lack of experience so It's my bad on rating it low.

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September 7, 2008

I'm an eigth grader at this school, and so far i'm having a blast at this school. The teacher are always there to help us, and there are always fun activities around. Probably the only problem is the unifrom policy. It can be ridiculous. I mean, i get the tuck in your shirt part, but to even dictate our sock choices? You have go to be kidding me.

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June 22, 2008

If your child struggles find another school. Its all about a numbers game. The office staff is more likely to take notice if your white with blue eyes. Not a place I recommend.

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June 12, 2008

ive been in this school for a year and its been great! ive achieved so many things that i never thought i can do. the teachers are great and have taught so many things and im really thankful that i got to go to this school! so if any parent is looking for a good school for your child this is the one to go! Thamk you Santiago charter Middle school!!!!

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August 23, 2007

As a student here at Santiago for now, almost 2 years, I have come to really enjoy everything about it. Athletics at this school are wonderful and the athlete who do compete in this school are dedicated and good at the sports they do. Even the test scores are good, and the students really learn from the teachers. I learned so much knowledge and informationthat helped me pass tests and quizes with flying colours. Santiago even has great elective classes. Like woodshop for example. Or if your child isn't into woodshop, may I suggest drama, music, art, computers, TA (teacher's assistant), or even home economics. And the students there are always having fun doing things and joing clubs of their liking. Santiago was such a great school, I would advise anyone to go here.

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May 5, 2006

This school was pretty good. The teachers are okay. The rules are very unecessary.

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April 15, 2005

Due to the charter, the teachers in this school have direct control of curriculum. This encourages innovation and adaptation. There is a sense of ownership throughout the school, which makes everything work better than the norm.

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May 10, 2004

I am very disappointed in this school. Uniform policy is not inforced as much as it should be. Staff & administration are not willing to go the extra mile for the kids that need it. It is very discouraging that such a reputable school has no desire to reach the failing kids to academically achieve. I am very disappointed in this school.

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March 1, 2004

Santiago has the best program in the district! The staff, both administrative and faculty, care about all the kids, from english learners to honors. With 1,100 kids I think they do a remarkable job giving the kids a challenging program that prepares them for high school and beyond. The uniqueness of the parent involvement contract makes it a welcoming place to get involved and see first hand what a great place it is. There is no perfect school because there are no perfect kids, teachers or parents but it is an awesome school!

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