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Placentia, CA | Orange County


January 26, 2015

This school serves a diverse demographic from At-Risk students to GATE. The teachers are very concerned about meeting every child's needs. They work very hard to look at the whole child. The staff is academic focused but also provides a nationally recognized activity program which engages students through the arts and sciences. Students at this school are prepared for high school through a Bridge Program that connects students to Valencia High School's IB program that develops some of the top scholars in the county.

Submitted by a teacher

November 3, 2014

My son is in GATE program..... All the teachers are not really teaching but, they all mentioned since the kids are in GATE they supposed to be good..... what ??????? Do we really need a school like this.....

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November 2, 2013

I got to Kraemer and i am in the GATE program, newspaper, and band. I love this school!

August 22, 2013

Kraemer Middle school is excellent school. there is GATE - Gift And Talent Education program. My son study in Kraemer Middle school, when he take middle school class, he also take high school class since Valencia high school is next door of Kraemer middle school. he walk to high school, Therefore, my son have more time to take a lot of AP, IB class during high school time. He is Val Tech student. Now he is in UC San Diego, Computer Science. his first year of college is already reach third year class in his college. Kraemer middle school and Valencia High school's teacher are very great!!! I am so appreciate their work. Valencia High School always win top 3 Academic Decathlon in Orange County and top 15 in State, Kraemer Middle and Valencia High are excellence and top schools!!!

Submitted by a parent

January 28, 2013

We need Mr.D back!!, ever since Mr.D left its been different . Worst part of all is that the 2 people that send him out act like they had nothing to do with it . They make up a story that makes Mr.D look like a bad person and saying that they didn't do anything to him, what made me more angry was when they said that Mr.D left for a better job better opportunity , and we all know that wasn't true, if Mr.D wanted a better job he would have accepted the job he was offered that payed him 32,000 dollars a year but he didn't he stayed with us. He didn't leave because of the money if they offer the same amount over there, he left because you guys were treating him like he was nothing, from tacking away his stuff, transferring Anthony to a different so Mr.D couldn't help him , to making him go somewhere else -_- I really hate that But I know that we will get Mr.D back :) and you guys will suffer the consequence :), so good luck you'll need it xD

January 27, 2013

Mr.d was one of the best teachers at kraemer middle school. He helped me with so much in everything. Mr.Marshall would pick on me for everything and Mr.D would be there to stick up for me. Mr.Marshall would always get me in trouble like I wore my pajamas to shcool one day because I saw other girls do it and the next day he gets me trouble and I would tell him why do u get me in trouble but not other girls. I was always in trouble with him for no reason: dieing my hair, wearing pajamas and alot more stuff. He had me in his office everyday. Mr.D was great when I was not at school Mr.D would come to my house and pick me up and bring me to school. He did a lot for me. Mr.D is the best!! You guys should bring him back so he can continue to protect us from unfair treatment

January 26, 2013

My grandson attends kraemer middle school and he is heart broken to see his favorite teacher leave.... Mr. D. This teacher was able to motivate him in his school work and helped me raise him to become a mature young man. As a single grandmother/guardian of three I searched for help through the administration but they were never able to help me or my grandchild. When my he was placed in the SERVE program his attitude towards school and his behavior improved. Even though the assistant principal picked on and bullied my grandson, mr. d was always there to pick up the pieces. Mr.D was able to rescue my him from a really bad spot and allow him to find a place that he called home... Mr. D's class was his safe haven and know that's gone. I can't believe that the administration was so incompetent to allow this person to leave a school that needed him so much. I rate kraemer with three stars but Mr. D deserves a 5 star rating.

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January 26, 2013

Mr.D was fired he was the best teacher he would help you with anything Mr.Marshall is not the best assistant principle he threatins us with suspension for nuthing..Mr.D is the best although I didnt have him he always helped me Mr.D didnt deserve to leave we all know he didnt deserve to leave Mr.D incourage you to do your please bring Mr.D back to Kraemer.

January 26, 2013

this school was the best the two years i was there, but sadly kraemer middle school lost a teacher that impacted students in a good way< mr. d was kraemers serve teacher he made us realize that there are greater things in life than just drugs,and gang violence. He gave us opportunities and lessons. in many diffrent ways we would all relate to him. if kraemer opened their eyes and get him back they would keep changing lifes one step at a time certain teachers that should be fired that are not, but againg im just a teen which to you "ADULTS" makes no difference...

January 26, 2013

i have to say this was a pretty decent school until they fired Mr.D the most hard working teacher there he did everything for his kids when i found out that he was going to ylhs because he had to i was heart broken. and at kraemer their assistant principle Mr.Marshal is very very mean to the kids.atleast 2 years ago in serve they were able to go on field trips they did a soccor game with avid they had saturday work for the kids that needed to catch up and much more but as this year came on they said no to field trips they didnt let the soccer game this year or Saturday work So the kids can catch up on their work and grades in my opinion thats pretty messed up. so i say that kraemer is a good school just not a great one.

August 13, 2012

My daughter just finished her eighth grade year at KMS. I am so glad that I chose for her to attend this school even though I could have sent her to another in the district. She really enjoyed all the activities that the school has to offer including the Jazz Band. She did not qualify for GATE but she did work in the Honor's classes and feels she is ready for going to Valencia HS where she was accepted into the IB Program. I saw that her teachers care about her and really helped her learn a ton. I am sure she will do well on her standardized test because her teachers taught her classes in a very engaging manner. She especially liked her Honor's Language Arts classes even though they were very demanding. She looked forward to that class everyday and her teacher would even come on weekends to support her in her dance team performances. I would strongly recommend this school to anyone who has a choice. Kraemer has improved tremendously in the past ten years and is the best middle school option for PYLUSD parents and their children-- they really teach the WHOLE child!

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November 24, 2010

I love this school. it's one of the best schools I ever been too. The staff are great they are cool and goof around with the us and are very understanding.The teachers are amazing.

November 3, 2009

My teachers are nice, the facilty is nice, the students? not so much. the school is great, but some students just cant control themselves. thats the down part.

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April 28, 2009

Excellent programs for every level of student. Terrific music programs too. Very supportive teaching staff and friendly student centered approach.

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April 9, 2009

this school is the nest school ever . i ahev persoaly been to over 4 diffrent middle schools and this one is the best they actually care for your education here and there extra curricular activites are wonderful .

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